The essence of what we see is what we think of things, influenced by time as a series of events. Art isn’t only in the power of the artist, but in the perception of the audience. I want to create with the idea that perception is like a snapshot, a frame of a moment that fades over time. Finding the right tone, sensation and color is something that occurs by timing, in enjoying the coincidental, to let go and to just try and try again.
Even when I try, I can’t explain. But if you understood, it’s the understanding that makes it even harder. That when you figure out the self, the events and elements of what we are made of, only then you can create the ‘’new’’.
To succeed as an artist, others have to see you as one. What you create is truly art, only in the eye of the beholder things become, they are merely an observer in your life, as an event that passes. I believe that only those who feel, extend their senses, scout ahead are the true artists of our time. I kindly ask those who ‘’think’’ to make art, to no longer pollute the true meaning of being an artist. They are making the road for those who really are, unnecessarily hard and sometimes even finite. Time as the essential ink, my life as a canvas and the world as my vessel.
Art isn’t just a hobby, it is not something you do when all other attempts of spending your time have failed. The state of being an artist, is the only thing at which you can feel complete with yourself in the absolute. The events we are part of, we extend and value, are the continuous quest to find purpose. It isn’t your excuse to stop searching, creativity is the start of everything. Pushing the boundaries of what we experience as spacetime, in which art can transcend even our own imagination.
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