The essence of what we see is what we think of things, influenced by time as a series of events. Art isn’t only in the power of the artist, but in the perception of the audience. I want to create with the idea that perception is like a snapshot, a frame of a moment that fades over time. Finding the right tone, sensation and color is something that occurs by timing, in enjoying the coincidental, to let go and to just try and try again.
Born in the Netherlands, experiential expressionism artist, working with film, photography, sculpture and -tech- installations. Educated as a film director but working with film as if it’s the equivalent of a canvas. From a young age, the human behavior mesmerized me and during the last year of my education (Master of Arts), one of the key elements was to transform the experience of watching film into an almost tangible feeling. Not only learning to technically master the skills of filmmaking but creating new and better experiences. How we experience art is among the most interesting questions an artist can ask.
As an artist I try to achieve the best I can at any moment, with the resources at hand, trying to be intuitive and analytical as a creator. To conceive art that speaks from the heart, that represents me, someone aware and sensitive of the current world we live in. To have control of this unique approach, I choose to work with a select group of designers, musicians, technicians and creative minds. I believe audiovisual art is the paintbrush that translates my sensation of my reality, some ideas are developed in an artistic form, some more commercial. The best results are created when worlds collide, boundaries are discovered and new experiences shared.

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